Baby Suck the Goddamn Bottle (for Climate Deniers)
July 11, 2017

What is driving climate change?
Scorching drought, driving rains?
Right-wing think tanks’ idea baboons
Bio-sphere as a co2 balloon
Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Mock Turtle soup
Well-funded climate denial front groups
The Leviathan state and a liberal plot
They want to take you for everything you got
You don’t like the fact
That it is human impact
Driving climate change
Well Baby Suck the Goddamn Bottle
Baby suck it all night long
Baby suck the Goddamn bottle
Suck it till the break of dawn
What if the pointy-headed scientists are right?
That should hardly keep you up at night
There’s a lot on the line, but climate is cyclical, everything’s fine
(With) cap and trade you disagree
rebuilding after storms adds to GDP
To keep the seas apart from land
we should all rely on the invisible hand