High Curmudgeon
June 5, 2016

High Curmudgeon, in high

Woke up dead with a black kid in bed
not some kind of
psychosis or a
hard smooth back like in Metamorphosis

sittin’ pretty in a northside perch
leavin’ gang members in a Southside lurch
great migration to supremacy slag
enclosed in a turfy cul de sac
white dudes whining about black on black crime
been playing easy settings since way back in time

The will is short and resources ample
In a metonymic urban example
with the greed, indifference and slow motion panic
illustrative of a larger dynamic

in which most end up as lowly drudge in
in scenarios laid out in Disastrous Bludgeon

Coke Ad

Dada burst out with World War I lots big laughs but not much fun
a hundred years later with some ups and downs
but with no reparations for the West side of town