I Want a Drone of My Own
June 14, 2017

I got no faith in the state today
Protect my brain from microwaves
I got a tinfoil hat
For anti-elite combat

I got my compound
Almost entirely underground
For soon the day will come you’ll see
When dark forces come for me

Black helicopters
Armed with the UN charter

I want a drone1 of my own
So I can go it alone
In a world that’s bad to the bone
I want a drone of my own

Not to fly in some African land
Or in the border regions of Pakistan
It’s just for personal use
Grab my remote control and let it loose

Down the street or at the store
Follow enemies to their door
Surveillance but armed as well
Puttin’ rocket fire into where they dwell

1Initially the AR Drone 2.0 was a quadricopter equipped with two onboard video cameras, one conventional and one high-definition, which could stream and store video of its flights. The user steered the AR Drone 2.0 over its own Wi-Fi network over distance of up to 200 feet and up to 11 miles per hour. With modifications its range, speed, and maneuverability were all improved, and in addition several armament systems were incorporated.