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July 7, 2017

male dominate society
women get it all you see
online misogynistic sewage tsunami
virgin whore lobotomy

comment section
comes a doucheman!1

pleasing as it would be
to blame Christianity2
too much structural
to China of antiquity

King of Chu
Concubine Yu
Eunuch Wei
Wet Nurse Kee3

[we need more] crass materialism4

anonymous  slut-shame hall of fame
all the bad women who are to blame
online misogynistic sewage tsunami

virgin whore lobotomy

Why “doucheman” one might ask, when some estimates have half of all misogynistic online comments from women themselves? See for example, But online misogyny with threats and menace strongly seem to come primarily from males. See Amanda Hess,

2  Christianity has certainly done its share to reinforce male dominance and misogyny, for example: making the “virgin Mary” an ideal type of “pure” woman, a mother without even having sex, among innumerable others. It did not create male dominance and/or misogyny, however, rather it reinforced already existing structures.

3Ancient China  was no less male dominant and misogynistic than the West, but obviously without Christianity.

4An explanation focused on ideas and culture (like religions) alone cannot explain the similarities between the male dominance of both the West and ancient China. A materialist explanation, however, which instead focuses on the development of property, militarization, power, and politics, can account for male dominance in both societies and is hence much more convincing.