Call To Flange (Joe Lapsley)

Shriek Of The Curlew (Joe Lapsley, Marc Shepard, and Jeff Slocum) – Jeff Slocum – Bass and Gloaming Bull Frog, Jana Measells – Chorus Vocals

Baby Suck The Goddamned Bottle (Joe Lapsley) – Mr. Mo – Piano, Jeff Slocum – Bass, Jana Measells – Background Vocals

Here Comes America (Totally Erect) (Joe Lapsley) Marc Shepard – Drill Squad

Overactive Agency Detector (Joe Lapsley) – Mixed by Heather Ann Schmidt

You’re More Like A Bonobo Than A Chimp (Joe Lapsley)

Some Had Hearts (Joe Lapsley and Marc Shepard) Heather Ann Schmidt – 2nd vocal

Comment Section – Jana Measells, Heather Ann Schmidt, Marc Shepard – Background Vocals

Southern Roots (Joe Lapsley) – Jeff Slocum – Bass ,Jana Measells – Background Vocals

Incentivize Your Love (Joe Lapsley)

Don Quagmire (Joe Lapsley) – Joe Lapsley – Acoustic Guitar

Private Parts (Joe Lapsley and Marc Shepard)

Madison Grant Blues (Joe Lapsley) – Joe Lapsley – Acoustic Guitar

I Want A Drone Of My Own (Joe Lapsley)

High Curmudgeon (Joe Lapsley) – Mr. Mo – 2nd Guitar and Harmonium

Disastrous Bludgeon – Eric Smith – all instruments, Joe Lapsley – Lyrics

All vocals by Joe Lapsley.

All other instruments played by Marc “Big Spinach” Shepard and his Naughty Bubble Orchestra

Recorded at the Bat Cave in Oberlin, Ohio
Mixed and Mastered by Marc Shepard

Produced by Joe Lapsley and Marc Shepard

Album Cover and Web Design – Carla Hayden, James Moeller