Don Quagmire
July 3, 2017

Will you face the dreaded claw of
Dare you risk the shredding talons on
your own?

Will you climb the craggy rock face to
the peak?
Cause our hearts are heavy and our
town does yearn
And how we yearn, for the return,
of Don Quagmire
Quagmire road into town that day
Agreed to hear what townspeople said
Will you climb that craggy peak
To the lair where Nestafernes sleeps?

Quagmire claimed to have no fear
To not hold his own life that dear
But would he falter at that time?
When mortal bells for him did chime?

The name of Quagmire it comes from down
In the murk behind his brow
He fought the ghosts inside that raged
Long before he stepped onto this stage
Nestafernes’ fetid breath
Slowed time in the maw of death
Would Quagmire act to save the town
or would the past drag him down?